Hi everyone! A few weeks ago we took the most amazing trip to Turks & Caicos and absolutely loved it. We stayed in the main island, Providenciales and could not have picked a better place for a quick escape from the Boston winter. Its such a gorgeous Caribbean island, with vibrant colors and beautiful turquoise water visible from pretty much everywhere on the island. We spent the most beautiful and relaxing few days driving around the island, visiting deserted beaches, and soaking up the sun. If you’re considering a getaway to Provo, here are some of my personal suggestions/ takeaways from our experience:

Skip the resort // Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done the “all inclusive” resorts in the past and really enjoyed. However, I also think that you miss out on the full experience of visiting a new country. While the convenience of laying by a pool all day soaking up the sun while drinks are being served around the clock sounds amazing, we really enjoyed getting out on our own and exploring and fully immersing ourselves in the island life.

Rent a car // We found (through our experience) that cars are the easiest and most practical way to get around Providenciales. Its a relatively small island so public buses are scarce and trains, subways, and Ubers are nonexistent. For this reason, most tourists chose to go with a rental which, luckily, was very affordable.

Seek less “touristy” spots // Turks & Caicos is known for its world famous beaches and amazing turquoise waters. With that said, most places are usually riddled with tourists especially during popular months. While it was great to see and experience what has been called some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, we found that there are also many isolated spots on the island that are just as beautiful.

Enjoy the delicious local food // We had sooo much yummy food in Provo and honestly that was one of my favorite parts of our trip! Now full disclaimer, most dishes are seafood based (not surprised) so if you don’t like it and/or are allergic you will need to be really mindful of the restaurants you visit. One of my favorite places was Boogaloos- its right on the water, the food was fresh and delicious (you can watch the fishermen catch the fish from your table), and during low tides you can enjoy your food while dipping your toes in the clearest water you’ve ever seen. Other good places were Mr. Grouper- perfect island feel, Mango Reef-located on a marina overlooking the ocean, and Da Conch Shack-famous for, you guessed it, conch a staple dish on the island.

Overall, we had the most AMAZING time in Turks & Caicos and highly recommend it for a quick tropical getaway!

What are your travel plans this summer? Let me know in the comments!